RJC Associates, with offices in Orlando and Gainesville, Florida is a family enterprise consisting of father, mother, and son. It was founded by Raymond J. Cheney in 1970 as a sole proprietorship. In l991, RJC Associates incorporated, David joined the organization, and the Gainesville office was opened.

Our main office in Orlando is staffed by Ray and Betty. The Gainesville office is staffed by David. Office hours are 7:30 a m. to 5:30 p m., EST, Monday through Friday. Facsimile service is available at all times. Our centrally located main office accommodates rapid access to any area of the state making it possible to maintain close contact with engineering and procurement facilities. While each office has geographically assigned customer accounts - central and southern Florida covered by Orlando, northern (including Gainesville) covered by David - product-line expertise often requires an overlap.

Technically, our members are knowledgeable in many diversified areas. It is common for one member to acquire an in-depth product-knowledge of a line which challenges his specific expertise. Thereafter, he is available to help wherever his insight is required, often meshing defined areas. A spirit of cooperation is prevalent and members enjoy working together.

Each member is committed to participating in the family enterprise's growth. The opportunity of sharing in the profits and the anticipation of enjoying the long-term rewards of success, offer extraordinary incentives for each of us, while providing our principals with the assurance of diligent representation. In addition, our commitments offer a sense of continuity and permanence that few other rep organizations can provide.


Our goal is to become "your person in Florida". Our technical sales engineers are ready and able to assist our customers with their requirements, handle field-service of products sold when feasible, to render diagnosis of troubles and/or to arrange for timely factory service when necessary. Our company reputation has been established on the superior service as well as the technical expertise which we consistently offer.

The exact amount of time which will be devoted to your product-line will vary in direct proportion with the need. You can be assured that you will receive exceptional coverage. This is possible and feasible because some of our clients have relatively limited fields of interest which minimize the amount of "shotgun" effort required. In addition, we strive to represent product-lines which complement one another thereby allowing us to cover more than one requirement at the same facility.

Traditionally, our main marketing concentration has been on in-depth coverage of the power industry including consultants, with industrials providing a secondary market. In light of recent down-sizing, cutbacks and uncertainties in the utility industry we are expanding our market base. While utilities are still important to our organization, industrials, co-gens, OEM's, panel manufacturers, ports, government facilities etc. are rapidly gaining prominence.

Emphasis is placed on frequent visits to customers. Today's highly competitive market necessitates our maintaining a personal association with them in order to acquire an in-depth knowledge of their requirements. In so doing, we are able to anticipate and to customize our products to their needs and demands. We assist in the preparation of proposals, maintain contact on all current programs, and help to develop new ones.

Customer feed-back to our principals is essential. Detailed reports providing information relating to possible sales, future plans and requirements, user satisfaction, application engineering problems, product improvement and competitive factors are invaluable.

Every significant inquiry received is investigated by letter, phone, and/or visit to evaluate its sales potential. We maintain mailing lists of customers for principals and every effort is made to keep the lists current and accurate. Periodic direct mailings to specific customer categories are made throughout the year.


Our application engineers presently cover RJC's contractual territory - the state of Florida east of the Appalachicola River. All have proven sales ability and are technically qualified (Ray has a BSEE degree and David has his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering). Before Ray started RJC Associates, he had been a rep for ten years - three of which were as a partner in an organization covering the Southeast; he was in charge of Florida. A former business teacher, Betty has been an integral part of the business as office administrator since its inception.

Throughout high-school and college, David worked part-time as inside customer support, assisted in trade shows, and participated in seminars. He covered accounts during summer vacations throughout his college years

We are proud of our achievement-oriented team: a presentable, well-liked, dynamic, hard-working, imaginative group dedicated to excellence who are experienced in working with both engineering and sales personnel. Each is qualified to meet your most rigorous standards.

If you are looking for a "get it done" type of representative sales organization, you need look no further. We welcome the opportunity of furnishing any additional information which you may require.

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